If you have Office Logistics on your side rest assured the administrative and secretariat issues are going to be ironed out without you having to worry about it. Our team is a collection of people with experience in different careers, with an array of practical talents. We offer exceptional secretarial, administrative and editorial services.

By utilising the services of a professional secretariat like Office Logistics, the membership experience is delivered in a timely and professional manner, increasing the likelihood of retention.

Working with Office Logistics means the Executive Committee can focus its energies on the organisation’s objectives rather than spending time on its administration, knowing that great customer service and value is being delivered to your members.

Our History

Since starting the business in 1997, Donna Bennett has been providing secretariat services and editor support to professional and industry associations, academics and the business community.

As her team grew it became necessary to describe the expanded services offered and in 2002 the Office Logistics trading name was established.

Office Logistics has continued to grow and in July 2009 registered as a company. Office Logistics employs a team of 6 and moved from Donna’s home into its own premises at the start of 2011.

Today Donna and her team are working hard to deliver efficient, professional support services to organisations of all sizes. Leveraging modern technologies and knowledge, Office Logistics can support your organisation as you strive for new goals.

If you’re wondering whether you will have the time to focus on the goals you have set because of an avalanche of paperwork, it is time to join hands with us and create a happier working environment.



  1. Take your organisation’s administration and membership services to a whole new level

  2. Take care of all the operations you need to keep your organisation functioning smoothly every day.

  3. Maximize your return for events, ensuring minimum costs.

  4. Ensuring your meetings run smoothly

  5. Giving you a hassle free experience in administrative management

Donna Bennett


Donna Bennett has over 20 years’ secretarial and administrative experience in various roles, including an administrative role at Queensland University of Technology for five years where she worked closely with numerous academics. This provided the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and experience in the secretariat operations of academic associations and journals.

Donna then built a business that allowed her to continue her career while raising a family. Many have since outsourced work to her business based on its reputation of knowledge, experience, speed and efficiency. One of the key values in her business is enabling skilled people to continue working without sacrificing their families.

Verity Copeland

Office Logistics Team

Verity has extensive previous experience in working with providing secretariat support to the Board of Directors for other not-for-profit organisations.  She is efficient, accurate and detail-oriented with a high work ethic.  She takes initiative, has the innate drive to succeed,

Helen Heap

Office Logistics Team

Helen Heap owned and managed two successful businesses over the past 18 years.  She has a background in bookkeeping and office administration, alongside a 27 year career in IT Support.  Joining the team in 2015, Helen brings a broad range of experience and skills.  She has a strong work ethic and a keen focus on streamlining processes for efficiency, while maintaining an emphasis on providing excellent customer service.

Justine Johnston

Office Logistics Team

Justine Johnston joined our team last year, recently completing a Diploma of Venues and Event Management. Justine has worked with a variety of industries including not-for-profits helping to make their events a success. Justine  also has excellent experience in administration from her time volunteering in the motorsport industry for over 6 years.  She is dedicated to excellent customer service to ensure deadlines are met at a professional standard.

Together, the Office Logistics Team work proactively on improving their administrative systems and processes.

These processes are documented to ensure consistency and provide the foundation for staff training.
Additional trained part-time staff are accessed as required.