Clients usually wants to know:

How long has Office Logistics been operational?

Donna Bennett started her work in 1997, while the team got a trading name in 2002.

Who is behind Office Logistics?

Office Logistics was founded by Donna Bennett.

How do I contact Office Logistics?

Just call or mail from the Contact Us link.

What qualifications does the team at Office Logistics hold?

Donna Bennett: 20 years’ secretarial/ administrative experience. Administrative role at Queensland University of Technology for 5 years.

Stephanie Hodgson: 19 years secretarial and administrative experience.

Janelle Carleton: 26 years experience in administration, nearly 5 years in customer service industry.

Vicki De Thomas: Is a qualified Accountant with 13 years experience .

Fran de Klerk: owned own business for seven years; was the executive manager of a conferencing company in Namibia handling United Nations and Southern African Community Development Conferences. Has also worked in PR and advertising.

What services does Office Logistics provide?

There are 5 key services:

  1. Admin/ Member Services
  2. Event Management
  3. Financial Services
  4. Board Support
  5. Other services like editorial support, publication, desktop design etc.

What type of businesses does Office Logistics service?

All kinds of businesses, both big and small.

How does Office Logistics differ from other Secretariat Companies?

Office Logistics can take over your whole day-to-day administration of your office or organization. However, it is a unique company because it has many other services that add value to it. Besides providing editorial assistance to journal editors, Office Logistics also helps you run events and meetings and helps you focus on saving time for your actual work. Since all of Office Logistics’ processes are documented there is consistency in its service and it also makes for a great training tool for staff.

What is Office Logistics?

It is a secretariat and administrative services firm essentially. It has a wide area of expertise, right from installing and managing a process driven financial management systems, data back, membership management etc to helping you with publication of academic journals.

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  • Professional and Efficient Manner

    On behalf of BPWA I would like to say thank you for your professional and efficient manner in which you handle the complexities of all our association needs. You are doing a wonderful job.
    Michelle Halvorsen
    Director of Finance, BPW Australia
  • Thank you for the professionalism

    Thank you for the professionalism you have helped to bring to the Demolition Contractors Association, we have always spoken of our gratitude for the fine work you do, but I felt it important to put this on the record. As our front line contact Donna, you, Robyn and the rest of the team make a formidable team, you worked so well together today, I felt we were in a tag team match, a sort of contest to bring out the best in everyone and everything, thank you again so very much, Kind regards Jon
    Jon White
    Demolition Contractors Association
  • Office Logistics has proven to be very beneficial

    Melbourne was able to host a very successful conference due to the hard work of the committee: Jason Newman, Katharine O’Donnell, Dr Ann Shorten, Leneen Forde, Michael Dean and Vernita Zigouras – together with a successful partnership with Office Logistics – Donna Bennett and Janelle Carleton who worked very successfully with us over the preceding year and to our sponsors – Trescox Lawyers, Cornwall Stoddart, and J N Zigouras & Co. In terms of our administration, our not for profit status and our relationship with Office Logistics has proven to be very beneficial.
    Vernita Zigouras
    President, Australia & New Zealand Education Law Association (Extracted from President’s Report 2010)
  • Office Logistics makes the day to day running of this Association relatively problem free

    I want to also make special mention of Donna Bennett andStephanie Hodgson of Office Logistics who are our hardworking administrators.Their friendly, co-operative approach to the discharge of their tasks makes the day to day running of this Association relatively problem free.
    Colin Forrest
    (Extracted from FLPA 2010 President’s Report)
  • Well done and thank you

    Can I say the difference in the efficiency of our association is amazing – well done and thank you.
    John Thynne
    Treasurer, Queensland Collaborative Law
  • I thank Office Logistics for their hard work

    I thank Office Logistics for their hard work. Our members will appreciate the assistance provided by the staff of Office Logistics. Without their support, it would be extremely difficult for the Association to organise just about any of its activities or to disseminateinformation to members. There has not been a task they could not handle when asked and we would be lost without their timely and ever efficient support and guidance. I thank them for all their help.
    Jennifer McArdle
    (Extracted from FLPA 2008 President’s Report)